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Helping People Grow Families - Compassion, Professionalism, Success

Helping People Grow Families

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California IVF Fertility Center welcomes Pravin Goud, M.D., Ph.D. Appointments are available in our Davis office. Dr. Pravin Goud joins California IVF after many years as a fertility specialist working at Kaiser Vacaville. His keen interests in oocyte research fits perfectly with several research projects being conducted in collaboration with UC Davis Medical Center. Dr. Goud will expand his clinical services in Sacramento and Davis while pursuing additional funded research projects directed at improving reproductive science.

California IVF has assumed clinical responsibility for patients of the UC Davis infertility program. Our collaboration agreement became effective on July 1, 2011. Patients currently enrolled in the UC Davis program will continue their care at our Sacramento and Davis locations. California IVF will further enhance the high quality of care provided to local and out of state patients through our collaboration with the University of California - Davis. We will use our combined resources to maximize our patient's experience while leveraging the academic and research resources of UC Davis. For more information about the collaboration between California IVF Fertility Center and UC Davis, click here.

Sacramento office for California IVF Fertility Center - infertility treatents now in SacramentoCalifornia IVF Fertility Center is expanding services in Sacramento. After much preparation, California IVF is now ready to offer treatment services at our new Sacramento location. The Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine - Sacramento was acquired by California IVF Fertility Center as part of our 2011 expansion plans. Our patients in Davis will now have the option of relocating their care to our Sacramento office. There are many new changes on the horizon, so be sure to check back often. Future patients at both centers can be assured of our ongoing commitment to provide the most advanced and cost effective treatment from our team of 4 Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists and a board certified urologist, Dr. John Gould.

California IVF: Davis Fertility Center is a private practice infertility clinic founded in Davis, California. Conveniently located just outside Sacramento, we are here to help people with their desires to build their family through individualized fertility services. We specialize in providing the most advanced level of care while maintaining a very patient friendly atmosphere. We emphasize patient education and pride ourselves on efficiency. We will help you to maximize your chances becoming pregnant while minimizing the stress that often accompanies such high-tech infertility treatments. Our state of the art facility leverages the latest advancements to ensure high pregnancy rates. Your pregnancy and satisfaction with our services are our primary goals. Having a baby can be very stressful and getting help should not be. Let us show you how compassion and personal attention can make a difference.

The staff and infertility doctors at California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. are able to offer the latest fertility treatment options to patients in the Northern California Region.  The center continues to evolve and adapt the latest technologies to bring our patients the best possible chances of having a baby.  Before considering treatments, our patients undergo fertility testing to evaluate for the cause of infertility.  Oncetesting is completed, an individualized treatment plan is made based on the patients test results, individual wishes, and chances of success with various infertility treatments.  Conservative treatments include clomid and intrauterine insemination (artificial insemination), controlled ovarian hyperstimulation with injectable medications, treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, and surgical correction of problems that cause infertility.  More advanced treatments include in vitro fertilization, IVF, and treatments for male infertility including injecting sperm into eggs, ICSI

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When problems such as advanced age interfere with chances of getting pregnant, or when there are problems with egg or sperm quality, egg donors and sperm donors offer excellent chances of pregnancy.  Donated embryos, or embryo adoption, is also an excellent option for many couples, especially when IVF treatments have failed.  Our donor programs offer patients successful infertility treatment options at costs that are often much more affordable that treatments at other local infertility clinics.

Specialized services offered at California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. include genetic testing of embryos, PGD, gender selection, and embryo biopsy.  Our extensive experience with genetic testing and embryo biopsy procedures allows us to remain on the technological edge of new advancements designed to maximize the chances of having a healthy baby.  For individuals desiring to preserve their fertility for later in life, we offer freezing of eggs, sperm, and embryos.  Cryopreservation services can extend fertility options for men and women facing cancer treatments, or wishing to delay child bearing until a later time in life.  Tubal reversal surgery offers the opportunity to have a tubal ligation surgery reversed.  Our experienced doctors and our fixed-price package offers many couples hope of having a larger family without the costs of IVF.

Dedicated and Compassionate Staff

California IVF: Davis Fertility Center is run by a team of dedicated and experienced staff. Every member understands the importance of providing excellent care in a low-stress environment. Our experienced laboratory team delivers excellent embryology services with the intent of maximizing your chance of success. Free clinic tours are available to give potential infertility patients a chance to see the clinic and meet the infertility specialists before making an appointment for the initial consultation.  Come by for a visit and you’ll see why we are highly recommended by our previous patients and local doctors.

Information for patients
We hope that you find information here that can be useful in answering your questions or curiosity. If you would like additional information you may reach us by email at or by phone at 530-771-0177. Free information sessions with our staff are available by appointment. General information is also available on a walk in basis.  We are located in Davis, California, near Sacramento.  Situated just off Interstate 80, offers convenient access to patients from across Northern California including Redding, Roseville, Natomas, Vacaville, Fairfield, Stockton, Modesto, Napa, and Yuba City.  The Sacramento Airport and San Francisco Airport offer access for patients coming from out of state and outside of the United States.  We are frequently visited by patients from Canada and Australia for our donor oocyte and donated embryo programs.

California IVF March 2011 Newsletter "Babies in Davis"

California ivf infertility newsletter for sacramento infertility patients and referring doctors

Information is Just a Phone Call Away: If you would like to learn more about our services or options available for treating infertility we encourage you explore these web pages or simply call our office. Our staff can discuss the services available and help answer some of your questions. Choosing a specialist or fertility center can be a difficult choice. You are welcome to visit our center and meet the staff so you can see for yourself why so many people are satisfied with our professional and compassionate care. We are here to help you!

California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc
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Davis CA 95618

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IMQ Accredits California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. Learn About Embryo "Adoption" California IVF is proud to announce a recent three year accreditation by the Institute of Medical Quality. IMQ, a San Francisco based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of patient care, recently completed a thorough on-site inspection of the local Sacramento area fertility clinic. During the review, the quality of infertility treatment options provided by its local fertility doctors was reviewed and its facility including the in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory was inspected as part of the fertility center's commitment to providing a high-level of patient satisfaction to couples struggling to get pregnant and trying to conceive. California IVF infertility specialist Dr. Ernest Zeringue says, "I am proud of our IMQ accreditation and hope the quality of care for our patient family continues to improve with each successful pregnancy that is the result of infertility treatments performed at our fertility clinic."

Serving the surrounding communities We provide services to locations throughout Northern California. We are working to build strong network ties in the following cities and more: Davis, Sacramento, Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Vallejo, Napa, Lodi, Redding, and beyond. We have had many patients traveling from other locations within the state including Fresno and Southern California. We also work very well with patients from other states. With an efficient approach to care we can often minimize your visits to our center while maximizing your chances or reaching your goals of building a family.

Lectures and CME activities are available for local physician offices. Reproductive endocrinology questions welcome any time!

Military Discounts Having recently served in the United States Air Force as a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Travis Air Force Base, Dr. Zeringue is very familiar with the limited services available to members of the armed forces. California IVF is pleased to offer special discounts to military members currently on active duty. With knowledge of covered benefits as well as Tricare reimbursements, we will help minimize costs. Many of our services are also discounted. These benefits are not limited to people in our surrounding area but may be coordinated for patients at other military installations from around the world. Click for more information.

Fertility Diet Using his vast experience with insulin resistance Dr Zeringue has developed a simple to follow diet that helps improve your chances of pregnancy. Often times the diet alone will suffice to regulate menstrual periods, help with weight loss, and bring about a pregnancy. Hormonal testing is available. Our approach combines education with diet and may include medication. The combination of these things result in an impressive increase in fertility. There is evidence that this approach may significantly reduce pregnancy losses (miscarriage) as well. For more information please do no hesitate to contact our clinic.

Donor Egg and Donor Embryo Programs Offer Hope Poor quality eggs and advancing age can decrease a woman's chance of have a baby. Using donor eggs may not be the first choice for many patients, but this type of treatment can offer very high rates of success and allow couples to build their family without the high costs of multiple IVF treatments. Using our shared-donor program, patients using donor eggs are often impressed with the overall cost of treatments compared to other infertility treatments. The donor embryo program offers patients considering adoption another alternative. Many patients will qualify for a guarantee.

Partnership With UC Davis California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. is forging an affiliation agreement with the University of California Davis Medical Center. Under the affiliation, California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. will take over clinical responsibilities for patients previously enrolled in the UC Davis Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Program. California IVF will help build on a strong local reputation while leveraging the university's access to research resources. The programs hope to have arrangements finalized by Summer 2011.

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California IVF: Davis Fertility Center.  Providing infertility and IVF services to the Sacramento and Roseville area.  Services include IVF, inseminations - IUI, male and female infertility, PGD, ICSI, and much more.