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Refund and Shared risk Plans

An IVF cycle is the process of using medications to produce multiple medications, monitoring the growth of the follicles by ultrasound, and collection of the eggs outside of the body.  The eggs are fertilized and grown for several days in the laboratory to form embryos.  The embryos can undergo biopsy for genetic testing (PGS, CCS, PGT-A), frozen for use in a frozen embryo transfer, or transferred without any additional steps.  Typically a "cycle" is one complete loop, but different clinics may have different definitions and different costs for a cycle. 

There are many different strategies to help offset the high costs of IVF.  Running a modern IVF center is often very expensive so it's important to remember the pricing models need to account for the cost associated with running an IVF center.  How the pricing models are structured can influence what a patient actually gets out of their treatment, but it's not easy to compare one plan to another.

Refund plans are often enticing.  Who wouldn't want to get their money back if they aren't successful?  Patients should consider how the clinic is able to offer the refund plans and still operate a business.  Often the clinic's risk of a refund is offset by a significantly higher cost for the treatment and criteria that are designed to select more favorable candidates.  In many cases, the refund plans will be offered to those with really good chances of succeeding.  Many patients with such favorable odds of pregnancy may be better off without the increase cost of the refund option. 

There are reverse refund plans that offer patients multiple cycles and refund a portion of the treatment when they are successful.  Generally these plans cost 3 times or more the cost of an IVF cycle.  If a pregnancy occurs after the first cycle, the refund isn't equal to 1/3 of the payment.  The patient gets a refund but a single cycle plan would have been more effective.  These programs make the option sound really attractive but in many cases the clinic benefits more than the patient.

What is Included?

When patients are evaluating various IVF package prices and refund options, they have to be very clear on what is included.  Not all "cycles" are the same and there can be hidden costs along the way.  Some programs will be designed to offer a lower cost initially, but when the additional items are added, the cost is more than patients expect.  These "hidden fees of IVF pricing" are an unfortunate reality of many pricing packages.  The list below reviews some items that may be left out of package prices and refund options.

  • Ultrasounds
  • Physician Visits
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgical Fees
  • ICSI - sperm injection into the eggs
  • Extended Culture (growing embryos past day 3)
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Freezing of Embryos
  • Blood Tests During Treatment
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • Refunds for Cancelled Cycles

The multiple cycle packages at California IVF have been designed to take the mystery out of IVF pricing.  By offering a combination of multiple egg retrievals and including all of the services above, the pricing packages are straight forward without hidden fees.  We have detailed pricing agreements that outline what is included and how refunds are handled in the event a treatment cycle is canceled. 

Who is Offering the Refund?

When a clinic uses a third party program to administer their refund plan, there is another company involved that is looking to make a profit.  There is a cost associated with running the refund program and this means higher costs to the patient.  When a clinic offers pricing models to benefit the patient directly, there is no middle-man to pay.  California IVF has structured our pricing plans with the goals of the patient in mind.  The more embryos a patient has available to use, the better their cumulative success. 

California IVF Pricing Plans

Our multiple cycle plans for patients using their own eggs for IVF have been designed to offer something for everyone.  We can help guide you as to which pricing option fits your situation the best.

High AMH Plan and 2-cycle plan

This plan is designed for patients that have a high AMH level and will likely produce multiple eggs.  A second egg retrieval isn't likely due to the good number of eggs produced.  The patient is given multiple embryo transfers as part of the package price.  This package is interchangeable with the two cycle plan that offers two egg retrievals and one embryo transfer procedure.  The main advantage here is that patients can decide which option fits them the best after the egg retrieval.  This is by far the most popular plan as it can minimize the uncertainty as to which treatment option is the best.  This plan is another innovation of California IVF that is designed with our patients in mind. 

Three Cycle Plan

This option offers three egg collection procedures and one embryo transfer.  All of the items in the table above are included (even ICSI).  This plan is designed for patients with low ovarian reserve and patients who desire minimal stim or mini-IVF cycles.  We can collect eggs across multiple cycles and the cost per IVF cycle is drastically reduced.

PGS Pricing Plans

The multiple cycle plans can be combined with PGS.  These options allow patients to find a plan that makes the most sense for their situation when genetic screening of embryos is desired.  Genetic screening of embryos can be used to determine if an embryo has the correct number of chromosomes and also can be used for gender selection to have a boy or girl.  In some cases it may take multiple egg collections to get the desired results.  Being able to pay for multiple cycles in advance can have a big advantage when using genetic screening of embryos.

California IVF also offers competitive pricing for egg freezing and fertility preservation as well as donor egg cycles.

Affordable Egg Donors for San Francisco Bay Area Recipients
Military and Veterans Affairs Patients

Military and VA patients have options for IVF and fertility treatments.  Service connected disabilities may qualify individuals for insurance coverage for IVF

  • Tricare

    California IVF has extensive experience working with Tricare.  We can help you understand your benefits for testing and treatment. Discounts for IVF.

  • Military Discounts

    California IVF offers military discounts on IVF treatments for active duty and retired military personnel and their dependents.  Tricare eligibility is required.

  • Veterans Affairs (VA)

    The VA and Tricare offer fertility benefits for service disabled veterans.  Fertility surgery and IVF services are covered.  California IVF is a contracted provider.

Military discounts and VA Benefits

California IVF Fertility Center salutes the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  To show our appreciation for military members and their families, we are proud to offer discounts on in vitro fertilization services.  This discounted price represents a significant savings over the standard cost for IVF and we can help to maximize your Tricare benefits to reduce your out of pocket costs.  We are also a contracted facility for the VA wounded veteran program offering IVF services to veterans with service related disabilities.

Having served in the United States Air Force as a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Travis Air Force Base, Dr. Zeringue is very familiar with the limited services available to members of the armed forces.  We have worked with many military families that do not live in the immediate area and need to travel great distances for quality IVF services.  We thank you for your service!

Free IVF Services for Wounded Veterans Through the VA and Tricare

The Department of Veterans Affairs approved funding for the provision of fertility services to service members wounded in the line of duty when the injuries affected their reproductive systems.  Many members with disabilities including PTSD have been deemed eligible for service.  The veteran must first have approval through the VA system before they can utilize these benefits.  The decision to grant access to the program is up to the VA.  Once a determination has been made, veterans may seek care through a facility authorized and contracted with the VA.  California IVF has a long history of serving veterans and is a contracted provider for the VA and Tri-West programs that administer these benefits.  Our staff have experience working with these programs and we have helped our veterans achieve success utilizing these fantastic benefits. 

 If you are a Tricare beneficiary or wounded veteran, call us to learn more about your possible benefits.


Located in Sacramento, California, California IVF Fertility Center is a Northern California infertility clinic specializing in infertility treatments. Specific areas of expertise include in vitro fertilization (invitro), egg donor recipients, and oocyte donors, preimplantation genetic diagnosis(PGD), embryo freezing or cryo, IVF ICSI, and more. Treatment for both male and female infertility including inseminations, IUI, and sperm aspirations can be coordinated. California IVF Fertility Center provides a highly specialized team to help you with your infertility needs. Doctors, nurses and embryologists offer comprehensive fertility treatments using advanced reproductive technology (ART). We are a private practice clinic with collaborative ties to UC Davis as well as contracted providers for Mercy, North Bay Medical Group, Sutter, and more.  

Our IVF lab is a state of the art modern clean room with an advanced filtration system which provides one of the cleanest environment for embryo culture. Our team of highly trained embryologists are dedicated to providing the latest in culture, freezing, and storage techniques. Our modern equipment includes closely monitored and alarmed incubators, cryotanks, heated microscopes, and cryopreservation equipment. Embryo security and identity are paramount and a redundant system of checks and balances prevent embryo mix-ups or mistakes. Breakthrough technologies are evaluated for safety and implemented if they are thought to help women become pregnant and have a baby. California IVF Fertility Center's infertility team is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate, and ethical care in a relaxed and family-like atmosphere for infertile couples seeking fertility solutions.

We are confident our Sacramento fertility clinic and doctors can manage your infertility needs.  Please call us today if you have any questions.

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