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Military Discount for IVF and Infertility Services

California IVF has worked with military families and Tricare for more than a decade. We can work with Tricare referrals and provide consultation and diagnostic services. Military members and their spouses are eligible for a discount on IVF service. These benefits can make treatment more affordable for military beneficiaries.

Military Discounts for Infertility and IVF Treatments.

California IVF Fertility Center salutes the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. To show our appreciation for military members and their families, we are proud to offer discounts on in vitro fertilization services. This discounted price represents a significant savings over the standard cost for IVF. We will work with you to minimize the amount of time you will need to spend in the local area.

Having previously served in the United States Air Force as a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Travis Air Force Base, Dr. Zeringue is very familiar with the limited services available to members of the armed forces. California IVF is pleased to offer special discounts to military members currently on active duty. With knowledge of covered benefits, we will help minimize costs. These benefits are not limited to people in our surrounding area, but may be coordinated for patients at other military installations from around the world.

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Located in Davis, California, California IVF Fertility Center is a Northern California infertility clinic specializing in infertility treatments. Specific areas of expertise include in vitro fertilization (invitro), egg donor recipients, and oocyte donors, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and genetic screening of embryos (PGS), embryo freezing or cryo, IVF ICSI, and more. Treatment for both male and female infertility including inseminations, IUI, and sperm aspirations can be coordinated. California IVF Fertility Center provides a highly specialized team to help you with your infertility needs. Doctors, nurses and embryologists offer comprehensive fertility treatments using advanced reproductive technology (ART).

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Experience With Tricare and Military

We are able to work with Tricare Prime and Standard. Have your doctor submit a consultation to an “external provider” and list California IVF Fertility Center, or one of our doctors, as the preferred provider. Tricare will generally cover infertility counseling and testing for most members as long as they have a preauthorization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic. We are usually able to provide the initial consultation at no cost to military members and their family. Combined with our IVF discount price for military patients and spouses, California IVF has helped countless military couples for more than 10 years.


You must be eligible for benefits through Tricare to use the military discount.

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Free informational tours are available.

We are confident you’ll like what you see. A staff member will meet with you to discuss our services and how we are able to help people with their desires to become parents. Contact us today to schedule an informational tour or schedule an appointment for a new patient consultation.

Financial Options

Infertility treatment financing is available to help reduce the cost burden of treatments. Financial options include refund plans, 2 cycle plans, and a 100% refund option. Some insurances cover infertility testing and treatment.

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Patients may opt for direct consultations with our infertility doctor instead. Our easy online history forms help provide the doctor with current medical information and reduce the burden of paper forms.

Patient Specific Treatment

We have many fertility treatment options available. Not all cases of infertility require IVF. Though In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most effective treatments, many patients are able to use less aggressive methods to treatment. Let us know how we may help you.

About California IVF

Our IVF lab is a state of the art modern clean room with an advanced filtration system which provides one of the cleanest environment for embryo culture. Our team of highly trained embryologists are dedicated to providing the latest in culture, freezing, and storage techniques. Our modern equipment includes closely monitored and alarmed incubators, cryo tanks, heated microscopes, and cryopreservation equipment. Embryo security and identity are paramount and a redundant system of checks and balances prevent embryo mix-ups or mistakes. Breakthrough technologies are evaluated for safety and implemented if they are thought to help women become pregnant and have a baby. California IVF Davis Fertility Center’s infertility team is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate, and ethical care in a relaxed and family-like atmosphere for infertile couples seeking fertility solutions.

Getting help from our clinic is a fairly simple process. You will need to request a referral through Tricare or the VA health system if you would like to take advantage of your benefits. There is usually no need to complete any testing before your appointment. Our doctors will be happy to guide you through testing and treatment options.

  • Obtain a referral to California IVF Fertility Center
  • Male referrals for “Infertility Evaluation” can help speed up evaluation
  • Request your records pertaining to infertility
  • Schedule and appointment with one of our doctors
  • Complete the diagnostic testing outlined by our doctor
  • Begin the desired treatment after test results are reviewed

Referrals can be generated for males or females. A referral for both partners can often speed up the testing process. Preauthorization can take several weeks so please be patient. California IVF does not control the preauthorization process. It is usually best for patients to obtain a copy of their relevant medical records for themselves. We only need records pertaining to infertility, complicated pregnancies, or serious health issues. Obtaining your own records ahead of time and is one of the best ways to help your us with your care and avoid delays. If you are unable to obtain records for review prior to the appointment, the doctor can still review the records at a later time. Please be careful to include only relevant records. During your appointment, our doctor will review your health history, information about infertility, and review testing and treatment options. Once the test results are reviewed, your doctor can assist in selecting a treatment option that is suited to your individual needs.