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The staff at our clinic is a very tight knit group of dedicated professionals.  Our excellent interpersonal relationships covey a sense of family that is noticed by visitors to our clinic.  We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help getting pregnant.  In addition to our personal service, we use advanced techniques and state of the art equipment to give our patients excellent pregnancy rates.  We are constantly evaluating our processes and methods for ways to improve.  Everyone desires a successful pregnancy.  Realizing this is currently an impossible goal, we want everyone to feel satisfied with the service and caring they receive regardless of their outcome.

We offer free tours of our clinic by appointment.  These tours are designed to provide patients with general information about our clinic and staff while providing potential patients the opportunity to see our center and get a feel for what makes us different.  Even with a short visit, you can get an immediate sense of who we are.  Patients should feel confident and comfortable with the staff where they are having infertility testing and treatments.  Please call our clinic for more information or to schedule a tour.  You may also email us at

Ernest Zeringue MD
Ernest Zeringue MDMedical Director
About Dr. Ernest Zeringue
Pravin Goud MD, PhD
Pravin Goud MD, PhDPhysician
About Dr. Pravin Goud
Gary Gross MD
Gary Gross MDPhysician
About Dr. Gary Gross
John Gould MD, PhD
John Gould MD, PhDUrology Physician
About Dr. John Gould
Ted Tollner PhD
Ted Tollner PhDEmbryology Lab Director
About Dr. Ted Tollner
Terry Goldberg, MBA
Terry Goldberg, MBAPractice Administrator
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Tiffany Justice, MBA
Tiffany Justice, MBABilling Manager
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Linda Goldsworth RN
Linda Goldsworth RNClinical Supervisor, IVF Coordinator
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Maritza Olmos, RN
Maritza Olmos, RNClinic Nurse, IVF Coordinator
About Maritza
Katie Paruso, RN
Katie Paruso, RNClinical Nurse Coordinator
About Katie
Amanda Cole, RN
Amanda Cole, RNClinical Nurse Coordinator
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HollyClinical Coordinator
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SamanthaClinical Coordinator
About Samantha
DavidCalifornia Conceptions Coordinator
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ValerieCalifornia Conceptions Coordinator
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HardyAdministrative Assistant/Safety Officer
Hao Chien
Hao ChienClinical Coordinator, International Coordinator
AnnaAdministrative Assistant
MalloryClinical Coordinator - Donors
About Mallory
KaitlynnCreative Director
AnjelicaAdministrative Assistant
StaceyFinancial Coordinator
About Stacey
Anu Goud, PhD
Anu Goud, PhDAndrology and Embryology
SylviaFinancial Coordinator, Surgery Coordinator
RajClinical Coordinator
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MarielleAdministrative Assistant
TylerAdministrative Assistant
Deborah JohnsonSenior Embryologist
About Deborah Johnson
ErnestTechnical Support