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Effective July 1, 2011, California IVF Fertility Center entered a collaborative agreement with UC Davis Medical Center’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to provide fertility treatment services to patients previously seen at the UC Davis fertility program in Sacramento.  The UC Davis Fertility Center discontinued operations on the university campus and all services are now provided by California IVF Fertility center.  Patients can be confident knowing they are receiving care that leverages the advantages of the UC Davis Health System and California IVF though this mutual arrangement.

California IVF Fertility Center was founded in 2004 out of the desire to provide the most advanced fertility treatment services in a family-like atmosphere.  Since that time, the center has been able to expand due to the compassion and individualized care given to each of our patients.  The center acquired the Sher Institutes of Reproductive Medicine – Sacramento, which was one of the original fertility centers in the Sacramento region.  As part of the collaborative agreement with UC Davis in 2011, California IVF Fertility Center has provided clinical and teaching responsibilities previously managed by UC Davis Fertility Center in Sacramento.  California IVF Fertility Center officially changed names from California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. to reflect the expansion of services in Davis and  Sacramento.  California IVF Fertility Center is the only center that holds a permit to use the name “California IVF”, though many other clinics use the name repeatedly in an attempt to divert attention to their program.  California IVF continues to lead the way in developments and research with the goal of benefitting our patients with higher success rates.  We are committed to change the future of fertility treatments.

Physicians and Scientists

California IVF Fertility Center has board certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialists who hold faculty appointments at UC Davis.  Dr. John Gould is a board certified urologist with an emphasis in male fertility.  Dr. Gould holds a faculty appointment at UC Davis and has provided male fertility services for the Sacramento region since 1990.  Dr. John Gould and Dr. Pravin Goud are both PhD’s with their doctorates in reproductive biology.  Our embryologist Ted Tollner PhD, also holds a doctorate in reproductive biology.  California IVF also works closely with reproductive biologists from the UC Davis and the California National Primate Research Center.  Primate and human research ultimately benefits patient success rates with fertility treatments.

With the relocation of the UC Davis Fertility Center Clinical services to California IVF Fertility Center as part of our collaboration agreement, fertility patients throughout the Sacramento region have been able to take advantage of the best our region has to offer.  The fertility program continues to operate in close communications with the university and patients’ insurance benefits have remained intact and unaffected by the transition.  Services are now streamlined in a highly efficient private practice setting where we will be able to leverage the scientific and academic merits of the UC Davis system while providing care in a private practice that has a proven track record of success.

Medical Records

California IVF has direct access to medical records stored at UC Davis.  Arrangements are in place to facilitate a seamless transition of care including access to the electronic medical record systems used at UC Davis.  Patients do not need to complete a request to have their records transferred as the records can be retrieved as needed.

Insurance Benefits and Treatment Costs

California IVF is a participating provider for the UC Davis Medical Group.  Our physicians have received faculty appointments and are members of the medical group and perform many surgical procedures in the UC Davis Sacramento operating room.  This allows patients to continue to take full advantage of their medical benefits.  We have dedicated staff at UC Davis and California IVF available to assist with insurance benefits.  In many cases, patients are able to save on treatment costs due to our pricing plans.  We are happy to answer questions before or after the new patient consultation.

Laboratory Services and Andrology

California IVF has assumed responsibility for andrology services for UC Davis patients. Referring physicians are able to send patients to our centers for semen analysis testing and other andrology services.  Our andrology program is further strengthened by the clinical and surgical services of Dr. John Gould for patients affected by male infertility.  Vasectomy reversal procedures, surgical extraction of sperm, and male fertility consultations are available.  We are available for sperm cryopreservation services for cancer patients.  Fertility preservation can often be provided with the use of sperm freezing and our staff are available to expedite the process.

Our clinical laboratory programs in Sacramento and Davis have passed inspections at the State and Federal level with high accolades and reports indicating no corrective actions necessary. Inspectors have commented on the high quality and organization of our program. On-site laboratory testing and semen analysis services help to expedite the evaluation process and increase patient convenience.

Embryo and Sperm Storage

Embryos and sperm previously stored at UC Davis Fertility Center have been transferred to California IVF.  Patients will have the option to continue storing the embryos and/or sperm for an indefinite amount of time.  Patients always have the option to donate their embryos to another couple, donate for research purposes, discard the embryos, or continue cryopreserving the embryos.  California IVF operates an embryo adoption program and can help facilitate directed or anonymous donations.  UC Davis and California IVF do not impose a time limit on the storage of embryos.  Patients will be required to continue paying for the annual storage fee to continue preserving the embryos or sperm.

The Future of Fertility Care

California IVF and UC Davis have formed a collaboration agreement to foster the future growth and modernization of fertility services for the Northern California region.  There are many new programs and exciting changes coming in the near future.  The old approaches to fertility care are being replaced with more advanced options with the goal of helping our patients with what is important to them – having a baby.  Our success in both business and with babies is a testament to our commitment to provide the very best service while individualizing patient care and maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.  Our family is here to help you build your family.