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Vasectomy reversal, or vas reversal, is a surgical procedure used to reverse a vasectomy. Vasectomy procedures are used by men as a form of surgical sterilization.  During a vasectomy, the vas deferens, or tube that carries the sperm from the testis to the outside, is tied and cut.  This prevents sperm from being ejaculated.  A vasectomy reversal procedure is performed under a microscope and allows a doctor to reconnect the tubes that carry sperm to the outside.  If the procedure is successful, the man will have good chances of being able to father children.  There are many factors that can affect the chances of pregnancy after a vas reversal including the length of time since the original vasectomy, age of the female partner, and sperm count and motility of the sperm after the vasectomy reversal.  Due to the need for microscopic surgery, it is important for patients to choose a doctor with extensive experience with the vasectomy reversal procedure.

Dr. John E. Gould is a board certified urologist with over 25 years experience performing vasectomy reversal procedures.  He uses a three layer microscopic surgical technique to provide the best possible chances of a successful reversal while minimizing the risk of scar tissue.  The procedure is performed as a same-day procedure using conscious sedation.  Patients are able to return home on the same day of the procedure.  Dr. Gould offers vasectomy procedures for a flat rate which includes anesthesia, the operating room, and surgical fees.  Please contact California IVF Fertility Center for more information.

Dr. John E. Gould is a respected faculty member of the UC Davis Health System and holds an appointment as an Associate Professor of Urology.  Dr. Gould is a graduate of UC Davis Medical Center and has been serving the Northern California region in all areas of male infertility.  He provides microsurgical extraction of sperm from the testicles for later use with ICSI, electroejaculation, and vasopididymostomy.  California IVF Fertility Center also has board certified female fertility doctors on staff to assist with any type of infertility problem.  We are also able to offer sperm cryopreservation services at the time of the vasectomy reversal.  This can help protect against future failures of the procedure and give men the option of fathering children without future surgeries.

California IVF has microsurgical equipment and staffing to handle vasectomy reversal operations in our Sacramento office.  During your consultation, you will learn about the vasectomy reversal procedure and vasectomy reversal recovery.  Having your procedure performed properly by a well trained expert is important to your success.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the vasectomy reversal surgery and alternatives.

Dr. Gould offers free consultations for vasectomy reversal procedures.

To set up a phone consultation for a vasectomy reversal, please contact us at 530-771-0177.

Vasectomy reversals are more successful the closer they are performed to the actual time of the vasectomy.  A vasectomy reversal performed in less than 10 years from the original procedure would have a 60-80% chance of success if there are no other factors affecting fertility.  This estimate can drop to 10 to 40% if the vasectomy was performed more than 10 years ago.

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