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Dealing with infertility can be difficult. Getting help should not be frustrating or complicated. We make fertility treatment easy to understand. Our approach is very efficient so we can minimize your waiting time before treatments can begin. Let our family help you!

Clinic Tours

Scheduling a clinic tour is an excellent way to meet our family and learn more about our available services. We can accommodate most schedules and will plan to have a staff member available to answer questions. This is an excellent opportunity to visit our center to see if you feel comfortable. You’ll know if we are right for you after you visit our clinic and meet our friendly staff. Call or email us today to schedule your tour. These appointments will be scheduled with the staff member or members that would best fit your desired goals for the meeting. Time may also be allotted to allow you to meet with our doctors.

The Staff Make a Big Difference
One of the first things our patients notice right away is how they are treated by our staff. Everyone in the California IVF family knows how important compassionate and curteous service can be. Our staff constantly receive praise for their personalized service and willingness to help. When selecting an infertility clinic or chosing a clinic for in vitro fertilization, we encourage patients to talk with other clinics and ask for a tour. Taking a clinic tour will give you an opportunity to see the clinic and staff so you can feel comfortable making your initial appointment.

Initial Visit
Your initial visit, or consultation, is a meeting with Dr. Zeringue or Dr. Lovely to discuss your history, previous treatments, and problems getting pregnant. You will be asked to fill out some history information before your appointment. The initial history and exam can help guide the appropriate diagnostic tests that may be needed. Once these initial tests are completed, you will have a follow up visit to discuss the results and decide on the most appropriate treatment. Once a treatment plan has been decided, you will meet with the nursing staff to start coordinating your treatment. Specialized classes for injection instruction and details concerning IVF can be scheduled after the follow up visit. We are happy to accommodate people that desire to minimize the delay in starting treatments.

The evaluation of fertility problems involves assessment of several factors. The presence of sperm, eggs, open fallopian tubes, and a uterine cavity free of defects are among some of the important aspects to consider. To evaluate people’s reproductive potential, several tests are performed. Among the most common tests are semen analysis, HSG, ultrasound, hormone testing, and infectious disease testing. More information can be found on each of these tests by clicking here.

Surgical evaluation of the uterine cavity and abdomen may be necessary. Click the following links to learn more about hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

In addition to evaluating reproductive organs, other things need to be evaluated in preparation for pregnancy. A woman should have a current Pap smear as well as a general health assessment. This will provide an assessment of potential problems that may arise in pregnancy.