Fertility Benefits For VA Members

The VA program offers fertility benefits for eligible members.  VA beneficiaries with injuries or disabilities associated with military service may qualify for fertility treatments at no cost.  These benefits can include in vitro fertilization (IVF), tubal ligation reversal, and vasectomy reversal.  Other benefits include genetic screening of embryos as well as surgical extraction of sperm.

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California IVF is Contracted with the VA

California IVF Fertility Center is contracted with the VA to provide fertility services to VA beneficiaries.  Eligible members may receive services including IVF, tubal ligation reversal surgery, and surgical sperm extraction.  Vasectomy reversal surgery is also a benefit from some VA patients.  California IVF is here to help you with your fertility services using your Veteran Affairs benefits.

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Understanding VA and Tricare Benefits

Military service members that have injuries that affect their fertility may be eligible for fertility services through the VA and Tricare.  Congress has authorized programs for both the VA and active duty military members.  Injuries sustained during active duty service are referred to as service connected disabilities.  In some cases, PTSD and environmental toxin exposure may qualify an individual for benefits under the wounded warrior programs.

To find out if you qualify, you need to first contact your VA representative or Tricare Customer Service.  They will walk you through the steps of qualifying for services.  If the VA determines you are eligible for fertility treatments under the VA or Tricare programs, a referral will be sent to our center.  We can then schedule a new patient consultation to formulate a diagnostic and treatment plan.  California IVF Fertility Center is contracted to provide infertility services to veterans under the VA insurance program.

Some services do not require a service connected disability that affects fertility.  Patients may be eligible to receive diagnostic testing and fertility treatments without a fertility related injury.  VA members have been able to have tubal ligation reversal surgeries without a fertility related injury.

VA directive 1331 authorizes services for tubal ligation reversal and vasectomy reversal surgeries.  California IVF has expert physicians that can help reverse vasectomies and tubal ligation surgeries.  Please contact your benefits coordinator to learn more about taking advantage of our VA or Tricare benefits.

Standard VA and Tricare Infertility Benefits

VA and Tricare members that do not have service connected disabilities may still qualify for a consultation with our fertility doctors and may have benefits for some forms of treatment.  Tricare will typically cover diagnostic testing and corrective surgery for infertility for military members.  Tricare will not usually cover intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF) without a service connected disability.  Determination of eligibility is not up to our fertility center.  Tricare and the VA are responsible for determining the level of coverage for their members.

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Fertility Services for Military and VA Members

California IVF Fertility Center in Sacramento is a full service infertility clinic for male and female infertility.  We offer consultations, diagnostic testing for infertility, and all forms of treatment for male and female infertility.  We work with Tricare and the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide service to our military men and women.  We offer military discounts for IVF services.

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Call us today to find out how you may be able to use your Tricare or VA benefits for fertility testing and treatment.  The benefits for service related injuries that affect infertility and very generous and our fertility clinic is contracted with Tricare and VA. 


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