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When you are struggling with infertility, concerns over the financial cost of testing and treatment can drastically increase your stress level. California IVF Fertility Center strives to keep the treatment options affordable and cost effective. When insurance benefits do not cover these treatments it is important to have an accurate estimate of the costs associated with treatment. We make the cost of our treatment as straight forward and easy to understand as possible. There are several options available for financing fertility treatments, as well as packages offering multiple treatments that can help offset the burden of costs associated with infertility treatment.

It is important to understand your insurance coverage with regards to fertility treatment. On our web page concerning insurance coverage for fertility treatments you will find more information about using your insurance benefits for infertility testing and treatment.  Additionally, you will find questions that you should ask your insurance provider while investigating your insurance benefits. Our billing staff will be available to help you understand, the information collected from your insurance company.

Cost Estimations

Most infertility evaluations will start with a medical history. Certain diagnostic tests may then be ordered in order to complete your evaluation. In many cases, your insurance carrier may provide coverage for these diagnostic fertility tests. In the event that these tests are not covered, or you do not have insurance, we offer testing as part of a global fee package. This option allows you to have the necessary blood tests, a saline ultrasound, and a semen analysis for one flat rate. Package pricing is also available for the female and male tests when both partners do not need to be tested..

During your initial consultation, our physician will review your medical history and discuss the possible treatment options. You will be given information that outlines the costs associated with the recommended treatment. We have information available online that outlines the cost estimates for in vitro fertilization procedures. [Go there]. In addition to our inclusive package pricing for in vitro fertilization, we are very proud to offer in vitro fertilization using donor eggs at a cost that is usually a significant amount lower than other clinics. For example, treatments in which eggs from an egg donor are shared, the treatment cycle can be completed for a significantly reduced cost compared to regular donor egg cycles.  If a patient uses an egg donor without sharing, the treatment can cost will be higher, but frequently results in more embryos for use in the future or for use with PGS for gender selection.  Keep in mind the pregnancy rates when using donor eggs are considerably higher for many women that no longer have good chances of having a pregnancy on their own. You can get more information about the cost of treatments during your consultation or by calling our clinic.

Financing Options

We work with medical loan organizations that can help you with the financing of your treatments. These services offer easy options to apply by telephone or over the Internet. Most patients receive a response within 24 hours. You are encouraged to investigate other avenues of financing so that you may utilize the option that best meets your needs. Our current financing organizations are listed below. You can visit their web site or call them to apply for financing. Be sure to give them our name (California IVF) during the application process so your account can be used in our facility.

Lending Club


Why are Infertility Treatments So Expensive

Treatments such as in vitro fertilization and IVF using donor eggs can seem very expensive to most people. During these treatments the clinic will encounter a very large overhead expenses. This overhead includes professional fees, including salaries for physician and nursing staff, as well as support staff. The laboratory equipment used in the process of in vitro fertilization can also be quite expensive. For example, a microscope used for micromanipulation can cost as high as $100,000. The air cleaning system in the laboratory will usually exceed this cost two-fold. The incubators, benches and hoods, equipment used for freezing and storing embryos, as well as the disposable materials can significantly add to this cost. The alarm system and diesel generator round out this summary of expenses of operating a laboratory, however, they are mandatory for proper and safe operation of the embryology lab. California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. continuously evaluates our program for ways to increase our efficiency and reduce costs which will help us to retain a competitive advantage. You can read more about why infertility treatments are so expensive on our blog.

Things to Consider When Comparing Prices

While we firmly believe you should not select a clinic solely based on cost, we are confident that you will find our prices very competitive. Understanding cost estimates are very important to make sure you are making an appropriate comparison. The following points are important to consider when evaluating costs between different centers.

  1. Does the clinic helped you investigate your insurance benefits?
  2. Does a clinic submit the insurance claims or do they ask you to submit the claims?
  3. Will they discuss pricing options over the phone and a clear and straightforward manner?
  4. Do their treatments include a lot of ad on prices that make it difficult to understand your total estimate?
  5. Do their treatment estimates include blood tests and ultrasounds?
  6. Do their treatment estimates include anesthesia fees?
  7. Do their treatment estimates include fees for the procedure room?
  8. Do they include an obstetrical ultrasound in the event that you achieve a pregnancy?

Our prices are openly disclosed to you at any time. You may call the clinic and asked to have a pricing options explained to you in detail – even before you make an appointment! Our package pricing includes ultrasounds, blood tests, anesthesia and procedure room fees, embryology fees, pregnancy test, and an obstetrical ultrasound. We even include a follow-up visit with the physician. If your treatment is not successful. We take great pride in our family like atmosphere and a compassionate care provided to our patients. It is impossible to a signed a price to this type of treatment. We welcome you to stop by the clinic for a visit and you can see the difference for yourself.