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California IVF Fertility Center Sacramento

California IVF Fertility Center

If you are looking for an infertility specialist in Sacramento, you have come to the right place.  We are located in Sacramento, CA.  Originally located in Davis California and known as California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc., our center relocated to Sacramento in 2017.  Our new facility was specifically designed to meet our patients' needs in the ever-changing world of fertility treatments.

Infertility Clinic Near Me in Sacramento

California IVF Fertility Center is a private practice office serving the Sacramento region and beyond.  In addition to being an innovator in the field of infertility treatments, California IVF is also a destination for many patients across the United States and other countries.  Our staff speak a variety of languages including Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Hmong, and more.  Our Sacramento Infertility Specialists are developing new approaches to how infertility services are provided.  Many clinics claim to use the latest technology and most advanced techniques.  At California IVF, we believe in setting the standards that other clinics will copy.  We continue to look for new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible.  In the near future, our research will allow us to make additional changes and once again move the bar for the Sacramento Region.

California IVF fertility Center Sacramento
Services offered in our Sacramento California IVF location
California IVF Fertility Center offers more than IVF services.  We offer testing and conservative treatments that can help many patients avoid IVF.  Additional services include but are not limited to: Patients that require more advanced treatments can be assured that California IVF Fertility Center is a highly specialized and capable IVF center. Innovative changes and highly skilled staff allow us to offer the most advanced fertility treatments including the following:

  • Infertility Insurance

    Many people have diagnostic coverage with their insurance while others have testing and treatment.  We are contracted with most insurance providers. 

  • Treatment Costs

    From insemination cycles to multi-cycle IVF packages, our pricing options are designed to help you maximize your chances of success.  Affordable options for IVF.

  • Veterans Affairs (VA)

    The VA and Tricare offer fertility benefits for service disabled veterans.  Fertility surgery and IVF services are covered.  California IVF is a contracted provider.

Affordable IVF. Options for IVF Including Refund Plans, Shared Cost or Risk Sharing, and Military Discounts

We offer discounted prices on multiple cycle plans.  This allows patients to have multiple egg collections prior to an embryo transfer procedure.  These options balance affordability while having more embryos available for transfer.  There are many things to consider when comparing discount programs, IVF refund options, and guarantees.

Military and VA benefits for fertility evaluation and treatment are also available.  In some cases, veterans may qualify for free IVF services.  California IVF Fertility Center in Sacramento is contracted as a VA and TriWest provider.   If you are a Tricare beneficiary or wounded veteran, call us to learn more about your possible benefits.


IVF Success

As recent as 2014, patients using their own eggs with IVF treatments would have pregnancy rates as high as 50% with each transfer.  With the latest developments in IVF, patients can have up to 70 to 75% changes of success on each try using their own eggs.  The pregnancy rate is age dependent so it is very important to discuss individual chances with our fertility specialists.  The Northern California and Sacramento region is home to a modernized fertility center that does more than claim to use the latest technology.  Our collaborative arrangement with UC Davis Health System is allowing us to shape the future of what is possible.

California IVF Fertility Center

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California IVF Fertility Center is a private practice fertility center serving the Northern California Region.  Our patients travel from other states as well as other countries seeking our help building a family.
Changing the Future
We don't just offer the "latest technology" in a "state of the art facility".  Just about every clinic makes these claims.  Our physicians and scientists and pushing the envelope to bring new methods and increase chances for a successful treatment journey. 

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