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We received many entries for our awareness 2020 promotion, and we are pleased to announce the winners! I t was a difficult decision, so difficult, in fact, that we selected 7 couples instead of 5.  Our goal through this promotion is to raise awareness about infertility.  1 in 8 couples will experience infertility, and like most, these couples never thought they would be a part of this statistic.  Follow the journey of our patients as they go through IVF treatment in hopes of overcoming infertility.

Capturing the Story

Recipients of the Fertility Awareness 2020 promotion submitted videos telling their story and struggle with infertility.  These stories were reviewed and winners were selected.  Their journey is documented through a combination of videos recorded by the recipients as well as video recorded during their visits to California IVF.  Our intent was to capture to emotion and actual experiences of couples as they progressed through fertility treatments.   There was not a script and their outcomes were uncertain.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share their stories in an effort to increase awareness of infertility and IVF.   

Fertility Awareness 2020 Winners

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Instagram:  @lovemav

The Aromins

Linda and Ryan Aromin have been on their infertility journey for 10 years. Linda has had 2 ectopic pregnancies, which resulted in both fallopian tubes being removed. They knew IVF would be the only option left, but the cost was too much and they never thought it would be possible. Instead, they got used to the idea that their family was complete with their son, Maverick (11). This contest gave them the opportunity to expand their family.  Linda has gone through the egg retrieval process and a successful embryo transfer.  Her obstetrical ultrasound has confirmed a pregnancy in the uterus!

The Dandridges

Selecia and Angel Dandridge are IVF veterans. In 2019, they started an IVF cycle at another clinic.  Only one follicle developed for Selecia and the cycle was converted to an IUI cycle that was eventually cancelled.   After 2 home inseminations and another canceled IUI cycle, the emotional toll was too much and they decided to take a break.  Selecia even considered stopping all together, but decided to have a little more hope and enter this contest.  With California IVF, they have had a successful egg retrieval but the first transfer was not successful.  They are taking another break from treatment before deciding if and when to proceed with another embryo transfer cycle.

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Instagram:  @mrs.dandridge

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Instagram:    @juicemckenna

The McKennas

Justine and Zach McKenna were just starting on their fertility journey.  They were previously diagnosed with infertility after unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant on their own.  This was their first attempt with IVF and they were very hopeful during the IVF process.  A successful embryo transfer procedure has allowed them to graduate from fertility treatments and start their obstetrical care with her OBGYN.

The Molchens

Christa and Josh Molchen describe themselves as educators, adventurers, musicians, and nerds.  While saving up for IVF for the last four years, life just wouldn’t stop getting in the way.  They sold their house and rental property in the hopes to have enough money, but found themselves unexpectedly homeless due to fire floods.  This forced them to use the money they had save for fertility treatment and left them with no option to proceed with treatment.  With California IVF’s help, they have completed their egg retrieval cycle.  Despite using genetically tested embryos, their struggle is not yet over.  Infertility does not treat people fairly but the California IVF team remains committed to helping them reach a successful outcome.

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Instagram- @little_bit_complicated

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Instagram-  @ivf_in_california

The Varzhabetians

Elena and Vazgen Varzhabetian came to America to achieve the American Dream.  Their most important goal; becoming parents.  After waiting 12 years to have a baby, they found it more difficult than they thought it would be.  With four unsuccessful IUIs, they have turned to California IVF for help. They have now gone through the egg retrieval process and found themselves faced with poor embryo quality.  They are preparing for a second embryo transfer procedure in hopes of finally achieving their goal of having a baby.

The Duvals

Sandra and Jason Duval have been together for ten years and married for five.  After buying their first home in 2017, Sandra found out she was pregnant, however, it ended in a miscarriage.  They found it more difficult than they thought it would be to get pregnant again.  Their first step a fertility evaluation followed by three IUIs, all of which were unsuccessful.  With this free IVF cycle, they are given a greater chance of starting their family.  Sandra has completed her egg retrieval and will have her first embryo transfer in the near future.

The struggle of infertility profoundly influences well being, therefore we feel its treatment is not elective.  California IVF Fertility Center remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As more couples struggled with the fear of financial hardship and delays in getting help with infertility, we felt it was time to do something.  California IVF has always focused on looking beyond the current technology and tries to push the boundary of the next generation of fertility care.  Increasing awareness is also a very important goal as many of our patients start their journey with very little information about IVF and other fertility treatments.  Our recipients of the free IVF cycles agreed to tell their stories and have their journey recorded.

The program is no longer accepting applications for 2020.  Follow us on social media for information about the winners and future opportunities offered by California IVF.  Visit or Fertility Awareness 2021 page for more great stories.